Is Your Kid Too Busy?

What are you thinking right now? All sorts of guilty thoughts could be running through your mind as you consider this question.

“I want them to have what I never did,” could be one defensive but reassuring thought. Or “am I piling on too much stress,” could be the doubting-my-parenting skills reaction.

The honest answer is: It depends.

Let’s look at this topic from several sides and then you can decide if your kid is too busy.

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Is Your Child Listening to Music Too Loud?

A recent poll of parents found that over 80% say they are concerned that misuse of personal audio technology is damaging the hearing of children.  Hearing loss can result from too much exposure to sound from any source that is above 85 decibels. Many new technologies such as stereo systems, handheld listening devices and even televisions can produce sound well above the level to be able to cause damage.

child listening to music on a tablet deviceWhat is Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss can be either a sudden or a gradual decrease in your ability to hear. Depending on the cause it can range from mild to severe, and damage can be temporary or permanent. Many individuals who have hearing loss, including children, may not even realize it because it happens gradually over time.

How do I know if my child is experiencing hearing loss?

If your child complains that they are experiencing any of the following symptoms you should contact your pediatrician. Common symptoms they may describe include:

  • Feeling as if their ear is plugged, similar to having water in the ear.
  • Difficulty listening to things in their environment such as individuals speaking, a radio or television.
  • A tendency to listen to the television or a stereo at a higher volume then they previously used to.

If these symptoms are left unchecked they can lead to more severe symptoms and conditions such as:

  • Ringing of the ears, known as Tinnitus
  • Any uncomfortable feelings from irritation to severe pain
  • Symptoms of vertigo (feeling as if your surroundings are spinning)

How to Prevent Hearing Loss in Lake Mary, FL

Follow these basic steps to help your child avoid and damage their ears:

  • Help them to avoid loud noises in their environment such as motorcycles, loud music, or industrial machines.
  • When they cannot avoid loud noises in their environment, make sure to equip them with proper hearing protection, such as earplugs.
  • Lower the volume of what they listen to on the radio or TV.
  • Limit the amount of time that they spend listening to music or television.
  • Give them headphones that go completely around or deep inside the ear in order to limit outside noise. By limiting outside sounds it will reduce the need to increase the volume of what they are listening to.

If you have questions about your child’s hearing, contact us and consider scheduling an appointment today.

AAOS Warns Parents of Trampoline Danger

Trampolines are commonplace in many backyards across the country. Children spend countless summer hours on trampolines, but the danger of trampoline use was put back into the spotlight recently after a three-year-old boy in Florida was injured on a trampoline and required a body cast for recovery.

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons is warning parents against the dangers of trampolines, especially for children under six years old. This press release was issued a few years after the American Academy of Pediatrics advised against trampoline use

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